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ETI is proud to be fully ISO 9001 


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•June 29-July 30, 2021
San Diego, California Outlook Calendar (vCard)

Theme: "Experience WEST 2021"

About Energy Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 1992, Energy Technologies, Inc. (ETI) is a leading manufacturer of rugged, high-reliability power conditioning, power generation and computer products for the US Military, Industrial, Medical and Telecomm sectors. ETI's products include; Intelligent UPS & power conditioners, vehicle inverters, portable generators, packaged power plants, fuel cell power plants, flexible solar panels & solar charging systems, environmental control units, mobile computers, and mobile office systems.

While other vendors sell commercial grade UPS systems or Inverters, ETI designs it's products to be rugged from the ground up for tactical applications. All of ETI's units can be manufactured to meet stringent mil-standards. Many of these units have already successfully passed the notorious Belgium Block and Munson Road Tests, explosive charges in the Barge Test, and other shock and vibration standards.

Their Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) and power conditioners are designed to provide highly reliable AC & DC power worldwide. These units can operate from any in-country AC power grid, generator or aircraft regardless of voltages or frequencies as well as from any vehicular, aircraft or solar DC.

ETI also integrates products into complete packaged systems, saving set up time, maintenance, and space. For example, the Tactical Power Plant® (TPP) combines a UPS, Generator, ATS and PDU into rugged, readily-deployable cases, providing emergency backup power, power generation, and power conditioning in one package. Their Tactical Office systems combine workspaces with conditioned power, inverters, UPS and other computing options, into one fold-out shipping container.

Many of ETI's product lines are now providing clean renewable energy to Warfighters in the field. Tactical Solar® panels generate power for mobile electric and battery charging applications that require lightweight, flexible, durable and silent power. These systems are integrated into portable cases combining chargers, inverters and/or batteries with the solar panels. Tents and shelters can be covered in lightweight rugged solar panels and integrated with controllers generate "free" power without making noise or requiring fuel.

These renewable energy technologies are culminating in the development of a "green" Hybrid-Powered Command Center that combines solar, wind and fuel cell technologies. This approach provides remote command centers needed power without reliance on noisy generators or fuel supply logistics.

Each ETI product is also available in customer specific configurations. Products configured for tactical applications are built directly into transit cases with mobility, ease-of-use and low maintenance as priorities. These tactical products are in service around the world in harsh environments ranging from war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan; to surveillance outposts along our Southern borders.

With a customer-centered approach to product development; and a dedication to enhancing reliability and functionality with evolving technologies, Energy Technologies, Inc. is prepared for the power needs of today and tomorrow.

ETI is proud to be fully ISO 9001: 2008 Certified